Choose these services if you're looking to deepen your color. Not everyone wants to be a blonde and that is a-okay.

I am WAY too Blonde $160+

I see your dream hair isn't quite the dream you imagined. That's ok, at least you can say you tried. This service is to add some dimension back into your lightened hair. We won't get rid of all of your blonde, just enough to make you feel like you again.

Dark Side $100+

Looking for a simple all over solid dark shade to cover all of your sins? We gotchu. This service is for one full color.

I Don't Want to be Blonde Anymore $130+

Tired of being blonde? I get it, it's a lot of maintenance. Book this service to let your stylist know you're ready to go backwards. These services require multiple steps to ensure the color doesn't wash out after one shower. So be ready to let some $$$ go. And make sure you ACTUALLY want to be Brunette again. 

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