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Price Update Beginning October 2022


Big changes are underway at Hairbend the Salon! Make sure to keep up with our announcements as 2023 will be a big year for us.

Hello beautiful and thanks for tuning in to this announcement. On October 1st all prices will be increasing. Our artists are celebrating the upcoming 2 Year Anniversary of Hairbend the Salon with a well deserved raise! Congratulations to the hard working and talented artists! We understand that this may cause a financial inconvenience for some of our loyal clients. Thank you for always trusting us with your hair and allowing us to spend time with you. We appreciate your understanding while we adjust our pricing model.

With that being said, we have more good news! Hairbend the Salon has started an Assistant Program. The purpose of this program is to strengthen behind the chair skills of newer artists. We want to maintain the quality of Hairbend by passing on our knowledge and growing a strong team of incredible talent. These Junior Artists will be available to take appointments by December. Since they are essentially new to the game, there will be a Junior Artist price list with lower price points so that our clients have more budget options if they'd still like to support Hairbend. Master Artist's are right around the corner to help our Junior Artists thrive, so no need to worry!

Thank you again for your time in reading this important announcement! We appreciate your constant support and dedication into making Hairbend as successful as it is.

With all the love, Abbie



*Product Fees Calculated after service. Please consult with artist prior to agreeing to services*







  • A Little Lighter $225 - $375+

  • A Little Lighter $115 - $190+

  • I'm Tryna Be Hella Blonde $315 - $465+

  • I'm Tryna Be Hella Blonde $160 - $235+

  • Make Me A Blonde $255 - $405+

  • Make Me A Blonde $130 - $205+

  • No Pigment Left $125/Hr

  • No Pigment Left $65/Hr

  • Dark Side $145 - $295+

  • Dark Side $75 - $150+

  • I am WAY too Blonde $185 - $335+

  • I am WAY too Blonde $90 - $165+

  • I Don't Want to be Blonde Anymore $155 - $305+

  • I Don't Want to be Blonde Anymore $80 - $155+

  • Haircuts $85+ Includes Wash Blow Dry and Style

  • Haircuts $45+ Includes Wash Blow Dry and Style

Fearless (66.68 × 66.68 mm) (5 × 5 in).png
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