Frequently Asked Questions

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How does pricing work?

-At Hairbend the Salon we base our prices on our skill, time spent and product use. The more hair you have- the more product used, the more time spent = the more you will be charged. That is a given at any salon, but at Hairbend the Salon we will itemize your charges so that you know exactly what you are paying for. Consultation is very important and is often overlooked and that is the beginning of a bad salon experience.  At Hairbend the Salon You will have every opportunity to discuss with your stylist what is within your budget.

I don’t know what to book…

-It’s tough to decide which service is for you. We try to keep the descriptions simple, yet descriptive enough, but if you still have some trouble, please call or text the salon : +1 (661) 234-5105

What is the difference between balayage, babyllights and ombre?​

-A Balayage is a very organic and soft style of highlighting. People often confuse this with the very bright and blended blonde styles (which is actually a combination of many techniques that require very heavy use of lightener. No two stylists will highlight you the same which is why it is important for you to be consistent with your stylist). You cannot get platinum blonde/ash blonde/silver with a balayage appointment. Balayage is recommended for subtle caramels, light browns, dark blondes, brunette dimension. If you’re looking to go significantly brighter you should book a babylight appointment.

Am I charged before the appointment?

-No. We require card info as insurance that you will make your appointment. In the event that you need to cancel please do so at least 24-48 hours before your appointment to let the stylists schedule someone else in your place. If you fail to cancel within a timely manner and with no explanation you will be charged and it will be very hard for you to book with your stylist again.