Haircuts are more than just a trim. Here's a breakdown of which service you should choose based on the style you're looking for.

Deva Cuts $125+

Book this specialty cut for your CURLY locks. Deva Cuts are specifically tailored for your curl pattern and are done by a texture certified stylist.

Pixie Cuts $60+

Undercuts $60+

Buzz that underside and call it a day. You can pair this style with some length on the top so you can look like Levi from Attack on Titan.

Shags $75+

The modern SHAG has so many names now. Depending on the length and amount of texture it could be a WOLF CUT or a MULLET. Book this service if you're going to mention any of those terms to us.

Traditional Layers $60+

Classic and clean, traditional layers will give you volume and flow when your hair is heavy and dull. 

No Layers $60+

Perfect bluntness to create a full and even look.

Lobs $60+

Not quite a bob, not quite not-a-bob? It's the perfect in between of mid-neck to shoulder length with a little bit of umph of course.

Asymmetrical $60

Wanna get a little weird and have one side of your hair longer than the other? Or you're more of the the classic A-Line cut kinda person? Book this one.

Long Hair $75+

If you have long ass hair, like hair down to your ass. Book this one cause it's going to take us some time to cut through. 

Bangs and Bang Trims $30+

Bangs are scary, but fret not we'll help you through the biggest mistake of your life. Just kidding, it'll be great.

If you're looking for a very short, but not quite buzz-cut look, book a Pixie cut! These cuts are cute and feminine.

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